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Dunja Graho, interior designer and owner of the company for architecture and interior design STUDIO KRUG (circle). If a child grows up in an architectural office surrounded by sheets of hand-drawn projects (there was no AutoCAD at that time); rapidographs and triangles; smell of old photocopier machine and sounds of cement mixers, there is fairly large chance that a child will inherit a love for the same.

Volume and perception of space is something I've always been fascinated by. Every space has its own sound, smell and shadow and this makes it unique. Two identical apartments can be equipped with identical furniture, but sounds, smells, and shadows will always tell their own story. "

I was born and raised in architectural studio, and all my childhood memories are based on buildings in construction, fabrics, furniture, colors, stone, metal…so when the time for choosing a carrier came there were only 2 choices, architecture or interior design. While studying on Callegari, an Italian institute of fashion and design, I worked for several top furniture companies as an interior designer. In interior design it is very important to understand the materials, to know how different types of stone,meatal,glass,wood react to watter, temperature,light and time.It is also important to know different cultures and styles of living. During 10 years in this business I have designed interiors with different number of zeroes in the budget and for different types of clients. At the end, everything comes to the same thing – the client must get the most of interior depending on priorities.
The basic idea for “Design my space” is to make it affordable and close to everybody. To hire an interior designer means saving your money and time.