From idea to solution

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People are changing. We all change our priorities, habits, wants, tastes etc. According to those changes we change our wardrobe, shoes, hair colour, music we listen in the car. Why wouldn't we change the space we live in and which is a part of who we are and is more important then all of the above?

It is not just about the new colour. We need to dare to change our surroundings. We need to awaken our senses and adapt our living space to our needs. Well experienced and educated designer will ask you how tall are you, are you left or right handed, will ask questions to reveal your personality traits, before they will ask you what kind of lamp shade do you prefer.
Science has gone very far in the field of color. Today, the color can be used as the therapy, but it can also have a very negative effect.

The interior design is not only furniture and general impression. We all have different financial capabilities, but well-engineered and designed space is not a luxury it is a necessity. A well-designed space makes your life easier and more enjoyable.

Design of retail space or restaurant, for example, must be done with business purpose and profit in mind, where one should consider when and where it is being designed, and for which target group. Current design style can easily become a problem if we did not foresee the right redesign terms, and once lost customer will be very difficult to redeem.

Our online service offers just that. The space designed for you according to your financial capabilities. All you need to do is to send us measurements and pictures of your living space and write down everything that comes to your mind, and has to do with you, or your customer base if it is a public space.

Once, a client brought me a photo on which she did not like a single piece of furniture, however she liked the atmosphere of the space. It was a very useful starting point for me, and the customer was very happy with the end result of the project. Everything is permissible, indeed desirable ;) Besides, some thoughts come easier when written down then said, don’t they?