Sketchy look

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Sketchy look… Lots of clients like sketchy look plans because they look warm and homey.I’m not a big fan of pro randers too.I am a designer.I sell ideas that include lots of  knowledge, passion and experience. I like to hand draw.I like the sound of it. I had a great colleague at the begining of my career. An italian man… big, noisy, gesticulate (italian,offcourse). Everytime he came to our croatian office, first he went to my desk to look for some drawings. One day I proudly showed him a pc drowing program (can’t remember wich one)… plans, 3d, properties. He was shocked: “No,no,no…sweety, don’t show me this! Why, God, why????? Drowings, show me the drowings!! Nice things,show me nice things!” My clients are all over the world and today we send things by one click. But I still draw. Markers and pens are  all over my office. First I do it by hand and than I battle some wonder of technology.